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Mobile Covers, T-Shirts , Mobile Skin, Mugs , Photo Frames , Wall Clocks

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100000 & Above Covers    - Rs 19/-

10000 to 100000 Covers   - Rs 22/-

10000- 5000 Covers          -  Rs 26/-

5000 - 2000 Covers            - Rs 28/-

2000 - 1000 Covers            - Rs 30/-

1000 - 500 Covers               -Rs 35/-

500 - 100 Covers                 - Rs 40/-

100 - 1 Covers                     - Rs 45/-


RS 1100 (BELOW 100 PCS)

RS 900   (BETWEEN 100 TO 300 PCS)

RS 800   (BETWEEN 300 TO 500 PCS)

RS 750   (BETWEEN 500 & ABOVE)


1 PC      - RS 34500

2 PC      - RS 32500

3-5 PC   - RS 30000

6-10 PC - RS 28000

11-20 PC RS 26000

21-50 PC RS 25000

100 & ABOVE - RS 24500



1 PC - RS 15000

2-5 PC - RS 14000

5-10 PC RS 13500

10-50 PCS LOT - RS 11000

100 & ABOVE - RS 9500





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