Ricoh's Geljet Printers

Ricoh's Geljet printers and MFPs are a fast and affordable alternative to conventional print technologies. Producing vibrant colour output at speed, they deliver the productivity of a colour laser printer for the price of an inkjet device. Geljet technology will help your customers improve productivity whilst minimising the environmental impact of print.

The Geljet printers and MPFs feature a number of enhancements- A more compact design reduces space requirements. Print shake (the devices vibrate slightly when printing) has been reduced by 40 per cent. Envelope printing can be selected within the print driver. Pamphlet printing enables multi page pamphlets to be created without using staples or glue.

Ricoh's Liquid Gel Technology- Produces vibrant colour images on regular plain paper. Ideal for high-speed simplex and duplex printing, the liquid Gel dries quickly to form a permanent image on the paper's surface. The transfer belt system positions paper with pinpoint accuracy. Print output is delivered flat and printed images are smudge free, water resistant and fade proof.


The technology stands out by providing fast and effective colour communication at a low. Ricoh's Geljet printers and MFPs use Liquid Gel cartridges which provides ideal page coverage. There is no need to use expensive coated papers and paper consumption can be reduced by printing double sided.


Geljet printers and MFPs products are designed to have low environmental impact throughout their life cycle. With no fusing process, power consumption is cut to a minimum. To save paper, duplexes are standard with most models. Ricoh's Liquid Gel utilises natural pigments to produce vibrant colour images. Some components are made from plant based plastic.


Paper trays and liquid Gel cartridges are accessed from the front of the machine, making it easier to replenish paper and consumables. Print drivers include single-click icon-based settings. A counter records pages printed in each mode. To help track usage, network models can email counter information to the administrator.


Ricoh's ECOnomy Colour mode distinguishes between text and images. Text is printed at normal density, making it easy to read, whilst the density of images and graphics is reduced by half. Using this mode, Ricoh's Geljet printers and MFPs produce legible, easy to read drafts. By contrast, draft prints produced by an inkjet printer are faint and difficult to read.

Economy Colour Mode


Ricoh's Economy Colour mode produces crisp text combined with high-quality colour graphics for about the same cost per page (CPP) as black and white printing.

How Does it Work?

Conventional draft printing generates output of uniformly lighter print quality - all components are printed with a lower intensity. Ricoh’s Economy Colour mode distinguishes between text and image, printing text at standard intensity and reducing image and graphics intensity by half. Ricoh’s Economy Colour mode uses a feature of the Windows operating system that separates each page into image, graphic and text components.

Is the Colour Quality Affected?

Selecting Ricoh’s Economy Colour mode keeps the text sharp and crisp, but lightens graphics and images. The output is a colour document with easy-to-read text, where the images and graphics have a lower ink density. None of the important information conveyed through the use of colour is lost, but the CPP is comparable with black and white printing. In many cases, the CPP for printing a document in Economy Colour mode is no more than printing it in black and white.

Benefits for The Customer

  • Print the same document in black and white and colour at a comparable CPP.
  • Reduce the frequency and print cartridge replacement.
  • Using less ink helps customers reduce their environmental impact.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Ricoh GELJET™ print technology
    • Wide range of paper size and weight handling
    • USB and network connectivity
    • Warm-up time just 35 seconds



    Warm-up time 35 seconds

    First output speed Full colour 6.5 seconds

    B/W 5.5 seconds

    Continuous output speed Full colour 29 pages per minute

    B/W 29 pages per minute

    ISO speed Full colour 12 pages per minute

    B/W 12 pages per minute

    Memory 128 MB

    Dimensions (W x D x H) 399 x 436.5 x 212.5 mm

    Weight 10.5 kg

    Power source 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

    Duty cycle 10000 prints per month


    Printer language Standard PCL5c



    Print resolution Maximum 3,600 x 1,200 dpi

    Interface Standard USB 2.0

    Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX

    Network protocol TCP/IP

    Windows® environments Windows® XP

    Windows® Vista

    Windows® 7

    Windows® Server 2003

    Windows® Server 2008

    Mac OS environments Macintosh OS X v10.5 or later


    Recommended paper size A4





    Paper input capacity Standard 250 sheets

    Maximum 850 sheets

    Paper output capacity Standard 100 sheets

    Paper weight Standard paper trays 60 - 163 g/m²

    Optional paper trays 60 - 105 g/m²

    Bypass tray 60 - 256 g/m²


    Power consumption Operating power 25.6 W

    Energy Saver timer 0.71 W


    Optional SmartDeviceMonitor® for Admin/Client

    DeskTopBinder™ Lite

    Remote Communication Gate S Pro


    • 2 x 250-sheet paper tray
    • Multi-bypass tray


    Cartridge capacity Black 2500 prints

    Cyan 2200 prints

    Magenta 2200 prints

    Yellow 2200 prints

    Consumable yield measuring method: ISO/IEC 24711

    Print speed may vary depending on the type of output
    Continuous output speed is based on RPCS driver (high speed mode.)
    ISO speed is based on RPCS driver (reference data).
    Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) is available for SG 3110DNw.
    Low yield print cartridges are also available (600 sheets).
    Duplex only available for SG 3110DN/SG 3110DNw.

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    Richo's SG 3110DNw Geljet Sublimation Printer

    • Product Code: Richo's SG 3110DNw Geljet Sublimation Printer
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Rs35,000.0Rs.

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