Product Features

  • Pneumatic heat press machine
  • automatic pneumatic, vacuum comes
  • Intelligent Automation: intelligent chip design, comes with vacuum pressure pumps, fully automated operation
  • Control panel design: large LCD display, convenient and simple setup, flexibility to switch between the various parameters, heavy stamping machine 3 fixed setting mode (can be modified).
  • such as using film printing plates, mobile phone shell, etc., can t-shirt heat transfer. Including a variety of special-shaped cup


Multifunction 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machine

Name: Multifunction 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machine
Model: ST-420
Profile: All in one multifunction sublimation heat transfer printing machine 
Service: Sublimation technical support
Details: Model: ST-420
Printer Color: Black 
Printer Voltage:220V, 110V
Printer Power: 2000W
USC Format: 297*420mm
Upper heating power: 800W
Down heating power: 800W
Vacuum Pump power: 150W
Inflation parameters : 25L/min ,negative pressure :-0.07mpa 
Vacuum parameters: 15L/min ,positive pressure : 0.3-0.4Mpa 
Packing size:             750*540*550mm
Gross weight:            35kg

ceramic & polymer mugs: different mug printing need different mug clamps
mobile phone cases: need phone case mould to print together
flat products:  no need mould, just do the vacuum 

A Mini 3D vacuum sublimation machine   is a machine engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a substrate with the application of heat and pressure for a preset period of time.
Our new  Mini 3D vacuum sublimation machine can also be used to print designs on tshirts, mugs, plates, glass, rock slates, crystals, phone cases,jigsaw puzzles, and other different size products.
Mini 3D vacuum sublimation machine   is designed with vacuum technology, totally auto-vacuum pressed, up and down heating make heating more even to each side of substrate. 
All in one function, more effective and more convenient.

The 3D vacuum sublimation heat transfer press machine is a multifunctional and intelligent machine that specially heat press images on the sublimation produts.It is original design and are patented. With a variety of fixtures, it can produce different products.You can heat press any pictues you require .The image on the products is vivd and beautiful.

Yiwu sunmeta 3D sublimation vacuum heat transfer press machine
Name3Dsublimation vacuum heat transfer press machine
Brand99 Sublimation
SuitHeat press print all kinds of mugs, phone cases,glass,crystals, plates, rock photos, textile, metal or curved shaped products,etc.
Material Eco-friendly, high temperature resistant
USC Format300*420*110mm / 11.8*16.5*4.3inch
Voltage (V)220/110v
Power (w)1600W  
Upper heating 800W
Down heating800W
Temperature range(ÂșC) 0-399  
Time rang (S)1-600  
Maximum vacuum-640mmHg
Vacuum Flow33L/Min
WarrantyOne year
Package measurement710*630*410mm / 27.95*24.8*16.14inch

Safety:Double-circuit design guarantees temperature control. When malfunction occurs in one circuit, the other temperature controlling circuit activates automatically. The machine will automatically shut down after 15 minutes' idle running, making it safe and reliable. This machine has applied for CE/UL certificate.

High efficiency:A big oven space: 300x420x110, unparallel working efficiency of printing 12 mugs at one time, equaling 12 mug presses.

Delicate:Heating area is enlarged with the bump dots design; and temperature of each point in the oven is even with the aluminum alloy heating and the far infrared radiation coat. Printing comes out in a more clear and vivid way.

Concise:Special flame resistant and insulative materials are applied in this streamlined compact machine. With the tight internal structure, the machine appears fashionably and concisely.
Compact:108 degree upward Porsche design, simple operation and compact;

Intelligent:No extra manipulation needs for the whole printing process but only put-in and take-out. When the cover is closed, the machine will automatically extract air, countdown and heat. When the printing is finished, the machine will automatically suck air

user-friendly: Use friendly desktop design, simple fresh-hand lead in and control just with temperature and time setting.

Green Design:Highly activated carbon air filter is equipped in the machine, effectively filtering the poisonous smell produced during printing and protecting users'safety.

Multi-functional:Far outperforming conventional heat press machines, this machine designs for an all in one solution of sublimation printing service, including mugs, glass, crystal, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, stone slate, textile and etc. In cooperation with our exclusive straps, multi sized mugs can be easily printed, beautifully and clearly.

Original:Independently developed by Sunmeta Digital Graphic, the machine is applied for the "utility model" and "outlook" intellectual property rights of the People's Republic of China. 

Heating press photos ,DIY images,you can make whatever pictures you like on the sublimation coating products with the 3D sublimation heat press transfer machine. Make unique products in the world. Print your logo or enterprise information on the sublimation coating products as promotion gifts for advertising. 

How to heat transfer images onto the sublimation products?
Step 1:Select the photo/picture/image you need and design a suitable size.
Step 2: print the image out on the inkjet press paper with sublimation ink by Epson inkjet printer.
Step 3: Stick the image paper on the products surface by heat resistant tape.
Step 4: Put the products into the sublimation heat press machine, set the temperature  and time
Step 5: Time is up, take out the finished products,it looks wonderful!

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Multifunction Automatic Vaccum Heat Press Sublimation Printing Machine

  • Product Code: ST-420
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rs54,999.0Rs.

This product has a minimum quantity of 10

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